What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization is the process of improving the volume and quality of traffic to a website from search engines via natural search results. The purpose of SEO is to make the site better for both search engines and its users.

An SEO Expert is an individual who optimize your website for better ranking results in SERPs.

Benefits of SEO:

Targeted traffic
Increase brand visibility
High ROI
Higher sales
Long term positioning
Cost effective
Cross Browser Compatibility

Successful SEO for Profitable Business

Optimize and improve website appearance

Optimize for 100% responsiveness, and assure that your website pass Google's mobile friendly test

Faster website loading speed
Clean the code from errors and scripts
Clear On-Page SEO

Why you are spending more on paid marketing? While your website can rank easily on same keywords.

The most successful SEO Factors in 2017 that need to focus to boost your ranking results

On-Page SEO

Business oriented keyword research

Meta Tags (Title, Description, Keywords)

Keyword Density, Proximity and Frequency

Make Heading Tags (H1, H2, H3…)

Create Alt Tags (Image Optimization)

Use REL Publisher tag

REL Lang tag

Multilingual Website Optimization

Structured data markup for Google Knowledge Graph

Internal Linking on website

Use Canonical Tags & fix issue

Sitemap files (XML and HTML)

RSS file

URL Rewriting

Rich snippet for products, reviews, events, software apps, videos and article on Google SERPs.

Off-Page SEO

When someone put their website link on a third party website to promote it in SERPs, this process comes under Off-page SEO. Building a relevant and niche backlinks for increasing your website ranking and online reputation.

Article writing and submission

Top directories listing

Social sharing and bookmarking

Third party blog writing and posting

Bloggers Outreach

Press release writing and distribution

Classified posting

Business listing

Search engine submission

RSS and sitemap pinging

Guest posting

Comment posting on third party websites

Forums posting and participation

Web 2.0 writing and posting

Link wheel creation

PPT Creation & submisison

Question Answers

Object oriented Google local business listing 

Perfectly placed Google business listing with right keywords. There are many factors to rank a Google business listing higher. If you want to know how to rank higher on Google maps, Visit this post.

Now a days Social media is more viral tool. SEO is more effective if we use SMO (Social Media Optimization) in our daily promotional practice.

SEO is another big factor to maintain online reputation management for any brand name. It is helpful to make your brand visible among-st the people.

Brand Promotion

We make your brand visible on Google and other search engines. SEO plays an important role to make your brand visible in SERPs. We promote your business everywhere on internet that return  good visibility in search results.

We also make your brand visible on Wikipedia. Yes we also create Wikipedia pages for brands. And Wikipedia is one of the strongest websites in the world. Wikipedia pages make your brand more trust-able among the users.

If you want to see your brand on Wikipedia you may contact our Wikipedia experts

Why Hire me as Your SEO Consultant?

Top 8 reasons why you should hire an SEO Expert

SEO with Experienced Professionals
Serving the world in digital marketing having 10+ years of experience. Your project will be in safe hands of SEO expert professionals who monitor each point closely.

Up to date with Google’s new algorithm
It is not so easy to understand each update of Google and follow all guidelines. I spent almost 30 minutes daily to check any new update from Google and other search engines. Take care for all Google updates like Mobile Interstitials Penalty, Mobile geddon, Panda, Penguin, Top heavy update, EMD, Hummingbird, Pigeon and other updates of Google.

Trust and Honesty
When you are thinking to hire an SEO expert, you always want an honest and trustworthy SEO consultant. Trust and honesty is most important factor for long term collaboration. The biggest issue is by far the delay of the SEO work that can go from 1 to 12 months depending on the niche. I always try to complete my work as soon as possible. Normally SEO agencies take more than a year to achieve the results and charge continuously month by month.

Meet business goal
I always focus towards my client’s business goal and achieve conversions, traffic and leads on his website. Most SEO agencies make people fool by ranking few keywords on page #1. While those keywords never give you the enough traffic and leads. In other words the keywords are not competitive.

Affordable and effective SEO services
Many SEO freelancers charge high but in terms of results and conversions client always dissatisfied. My SEO services are always within your budget and effective to your business.

Long-lasting Results
Never make a mistake to consider SEO similar to PPC (Pay per Click). Always remember the PPC results are instant but temporary and you have to pay high for seeing your site on top. SEO results are comparatively slow with PPC but long lasting for future. SEO services give you benefit forever.

Brand Visibility
If you hire a SEO Consultant, you make sure that he makes your brand visible in Google Search. Your brand must be visible in Google Knowledge Graph. I take care your brand's appearance in all major search engines.

Wikipedia Professional Services
Serving world as Wikipedia Expert for last 4 Years. Created a lot of Wikipedia articles almost in every field.