How to Avoid Common Mistakes in Wikipedia Page Creation

Some common points that you must have keep in mind before creating a Wikipedia article

Steps to get your Wikipedia page live forever

How to avoid deletion tag to be added on a Wiki Article?

1. Your subject must be notable enough.

2. You must have enough resources based on true facts and figures with underlying proofs in the form of some news or publications. 

3. Make sure you are creating a Wiki article from neutral point of view.

4. Your content tone must not be a promotional or the article should not look like an advertisement

5. Always create content for social point of view as you are giving the right information to your readers.

6. Never use the copied content from anywhere

7. If your article deleted earlier, And you want to create your article again, Do not use the same content

8. Put some internal links in to your article that will connect your article to other existing Wikipedia articles.

9. Your entire article must be based on trusted news or citations. Do not put your own words.

10.Try to publish your article using Wikipedia draft wizard
11. Get help from other Wiki editors if you have doubt

By following the above points you can keep your article live forever on Wikipedia.

Avoiding common mistakes while creating a Wikipedia page and make it live forever

1. Artcile about yourself, the brand where you work, your website, your teacher, a story written by you
2. Advertizing
3. Attacks on a person or organization
4. Personal essays
5. Non-notable topics
6. A single line or only a website link
7. Too much website links in to your content body
8. Your club, society, fraternity, sorority or any other school/college group

If you don't want to see your page removed from Wikipedia you may contact our skilled & professional Wikipedia Experts

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How Search Engine Works?

I will give you the basics of how search engines find web pages, What they do with pages they find and how they decide, what results to show? 

When you're using a search engine to defined the closest coffee shop, you are probably not thinking about search engine technology but later you might wonder, how did it do that? how did it sort through the entire internet so quickly and choose the results you saw on the page. Search engines each use their own software programs. But the way that work is pretty similar, they all perform three tasks:

1. They examine content, they learn about and have permission to see. that's called crawling
2. They categorize each piece of content that's called indexing
3. They decide which content is most useful to searchers that's called ranking

Let's take a closer look at how these work? 
Search engine crawl the internet to discover content like web pages, images and videos. Each search engine uses computer programs called 'bots' or 'robots'. Crawlers or spiders to make their way through the pages. The bots walk from page to page by following links to other pages, These bots never stops. Their sole purpose is to visit and revisit pages looking for new links and new content to include in the index.

Indexing is the second part of process. The index is a giagantic list of all the web pages and content found by the bots. The search engine uses the index as the source of information displayed on the search results pages. 

How search Engine actually works?

1. Crawling bots
2. Indexing
3. Ranking
4. Results

Steps to Promote Your Business Online

Digital Marketing Steps to setup a new business on line

Knowing all the ways you can find people on line and knowing how they can find you can help launch your business big time.

1. Create a Local Business Listing on Google - That will help your local customers to find your business
2. Create Social Media Business pages on Popular platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram - You can give an announcement to your customers easily like Tell Customers about the extended opening hours of your business. You can easily reach and interact with your customers. 

3. Now create a website - Categories your website according to your business. Navigate links must be appear on all pages of the website.

  •  Start to get your customers Feedback - you may use Email Survey
  •  Tell Customers about the extended opening hours - Use Social media Page
  •  Show Customers your business latest products - Use an online Gallery

 4. Now its time to get some online practices, your business needs an online visibility or online presence

What are the ways to promote Your Business On line?

Make your presence on Search Engines like Google, Bing, AOL. There are 4 ways to promote your business online 

First - Search Engine Optimization (SEO) - it is the best process to show your results online in organic search engine results. This is completely unpaid process. SEO is all about getting your site infront of the right people who are searching your products & services. There are lots of ways to do this, but the key is knowing what words people actually type in the keywords. They are the most relevant words to your business. Understanding these will help you improve how you show of when these words are searched. You may find SEO steps here in my another post.

Second - Search Engine Marketing (SEM) - It let's you buy ad space in search results. is when businesses pay to advertise to people searching for specific keywords online. Most major search engines use an auction system when lots of different businesses compete to show their ads by bidding on the keywords. There are many ways to place your ads online:

Search Ads
Display Ads
Video Ads
Mobile Ads

Third - Social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin also give another ways to place your ads.

Fourth - Email Marketing - Email marketing is a most important factor of Digital Marketing. I am not talking about junk emails or spam that clutches up your inbox but sending relevant information and offer to people who have alreday sad. You can get people to signup or opt-in to receive emails from you then the rest is up to you. You can send coupons to people who had made an appointment to your site, Advertise special events or promote sell items.

Increase Digital Traffic by:

Display Advertising
Social Media
Email Marketing

Free SEO Tools for Beginners in 2017

Post on Google Business Listing

How to Post on Google My Business Listing?

Make your business stand out on Google

Google has introduced a new feature that helps you catch customers' attention. Post special events, promotions and more on your Google listing. Now Google opens the option to all to post on Google business listing.

Create your post on your Google Business listing in 4 easy steps:

1. Open your Google My Business Account

2. Go to the "Posts" tab in left sidebar

3. Create your post and select a call to action for your potential customers
   You can make your post as an event or add a button like 'Learn More', 'Reserve', 'Sign up', 'Buy' and 'Get Offer'
   Add an image to your post to make it attractive

4. Publish it - and it's live on Google!

Where can you see your business listing post in Google search?

Simply search your brand name in Google search bar, you may see your post just below your Google business listing in right hand side. The indexing and crawling efficiency of this post is so high that it can be seen in Google search just after a few minutes of its published.

If you don't have a Google business listing, you may learn here how to setup Google Business Listing?

Google Knowledge Graph

What is Google Knowledge Graph
The Knowledge Graph is an information box appears in top right side in Google Search of any brand. Google added Knowledge Graph display to Google's search engine results pages in 2012. Google launched knowledge graph to enhance its search results with semantic-search information gathered from different sources. Google knowledge graph is specially launched for any brand, famous personality, events, animals, history and other topics.

According to Wikipedia a Google knowledge graph can be defined as:

A Google Knowledge Graph can display the different information according to its subject. Google knowledge graph gather data only from trustable sources like Wikipedia, Google Plus, Google business listing, Youtube channel, etc. Earlier Google also collecting data from Freebase but Google completely shut-down Freebase API on Aug 31 2016. 

A knowledge graph could have the following information

For a Brand

1. Brand Name
2. Brand Logo
3. Brand Website URL
4. Wikipedia summary and link if Wikipedia page is available for the brand
5. Few important information about the company like Customer care Contact Number, Company CEO name, Found date, Headquarters, Parent Organization, founders, etc.
6. Social Media Profile links
7. People also search
For A Notable Person
1. One medium Image of the person at top left of knowledge graph, Other images of the person at top right
2. Wikipedia summary and a Wiki link if Wikipedia article is available for the person
3. Few important information about the person like Born, Spouse, Education, Organization founded, movies, books, songs, siblings, etc.
4. Social Profile Links like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Instagram, etc.
5. Youtube Channel link if any
6. People also search

For Events
1. Logo
2. Wikipedia link if page available
3. Venue Dates
4. Venue Address
5. Host
6. Other information about Event
7. People also search

Why Should Have a Google Knowledge Graph Up to date?
If your brand is searchable by million of users, it is your responsibility to keep your Brand's knowledge graph up to date with all latest information. As Google frequently collects information from its very trustable resources like Wikipedia, YouTube, Google Plus, Twitter, Facebook, Myspace, saavn and many others. Now it depends on you that how much you can keep updated your brand's Google knowledge graph. Simple if you keep updated Google's trustable resources, Google will always show the correct information for its users about your brand. Therefore if you keep updated other social media resources Google knowledge graph will automatically get updated.

How to Create Google Knowledge Graph?

Google Safe Browsing Site Status Tool

Google Safe Browsing Site Status Tool from Google Transparency Report

Google recently announced about Google Safe Browsing Site Status tool. The purpose of this tool to protect us from threats like Malware, Unwanted software and social engineering across desktop and mobile platforms. Google safe browsing helps protect over a number of devices everyday by showing warning message to users specially when they trying to navigate to dangerous sites. It gives more precise and clear transparency report. It is good for primary users of of the page. The Google's transparency report includes details about threats that safe browsing identifies.

Safe browsing protects Google and other products: 

Chrome, Mozilla, Internet Explorer and other browsers
Google Search shows the site you are about to visit is dangerous
Gmail: Protects you from dangerous links in mails
Android: Protects users who installs apps from outside Google Play
Ads: Google ads do not promote harmful pages

You may check your website whether it is safe for browsing or not?
Check status here: Google Safe Browsing