Many business entrepreneur are fail to understand that how ORM can damage their sales? Many don’t even realize they need to concern about their brand reputation. A digital reputation can create or damage your brand image. For an existing business setup. ORM and SEO are two different paths to reach same destination. In general we use SEO to increase the search engine ranking of our content. ORM is a bit broader of the term and uses to maintain the brand image online.  

What is Online Reputation management? 
An Online Reputation Management (ORM) is your brand image on the web or internet. ORM is maintaining or protecting the brand image from negative listings on the internet. Basically the negative listings are posted by normal users who used your product or services.  

Why is ORM Important to your Business? 
Some potential customers change their purchase decision when they see bad reviews or negative reviews about your product or services. The negative listings directly affect your brand or business. For example: If someone is interested in buying a particular product from your business website, definitely he or she will check the online reviews about that product and. If he finds some negative results about your brand or product then the chances are decreased to purchase that product from your website.  

How We Maintain Your Brand Reputation? 
Our strategy of removing negative links is straight and clear, there is nothing to hide. Many promotional activities are required to push down a single negative link. Below are few of them: 
  • Proactively building positive listings it could be websites, microsites, blogs, articles, forums, comment sites, press releases, classifieds, directories and etc. 
  • Promote your brand website and keep it high in search engines ranking results. 
  • Promote other affiliate marketing links which are selling your brand or product. 
  • Create Wikipedia pages for your brand and those will rank high in SERPs. 
  • Promote your brand videos. 
  • Make all positive links socialize on top social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Pinterest, Instagram etc. 
  • Promote local business listing
If you don't know how to create Wikipedia page? you may take help from our Wikipedia Experts

We give them a real view of what people view about them online. As an SEO consultant i take care all resources created to maintain your brand name online. Never give the chance for negative listings to rank higher in search engine results pages.