Want your brand on the front page of Google, Say Google Knowledge Graph!
In my career i saw many new brands and companies which want to appear on Google's 1st page but they didn't. They want their brand name visible in Google but they didn't. But when i go through in deep of these companies they have very few resources published on Google's trusted websites. And Google collects information for it's knowledge graph from their very trusted websites. 

Google Knowledge Graph is most important factor to make your brand visible in Google search. Here i will explain how to setup Google knowledge graph for any brand or person?

Brand Visibility Factors
Make your brand visible in Google. Your brand will appear on Google’s top 10 results.

What we do to make your brand visible in Google?
1. Setup Google Knowledge Graph
2. Update Meta Tags
3. Setup Google local listing
4. Business Listings on popular websites in your country
5. Setup & complete Social media accounts for your business
6. Create Business profiles on Google's trusted websites
7. Wikipedia Page creation
8. Use Structured Data, Rich Snippet for Social links in Google knowledge graph

A step by step guide to see your brand in Google's top results

This is also the answer of 'How to Create Google Knowledge Graph?'

Google collects information from different-different sources for its Knowledge graph. If you create or setup your profile on these resources Google can easily pick information from these sources for showing in your brand's knowledge graph. Now it's time to create your identity only on those resources from where Google gathering information for it's knowledge graph.

1. Create a Wikipedia Page
Everyone must be aware of Wikipedia as a free knowledge provider. Wikipedia is also the most trusted website as a free knowledge source. There are a number of Wikipedia Editors who contribute to Wikipedia. Actually, it is a free encyclopedia where anyone can edit or create an article. Now comes to Google, You know how much Google likes Wikipedia? You can have an idea about Google likeliness to Wikipedia from searching anything on Google and you will get 90% results on Google's 1st page containing a Wikipedia link.

Google also grab the information from Wikipedia for its knowledge graph, Hence creating a Wikipedia page is beneficial for your brand as it appears in the Google Knowledge Graph with correct information. Having a Wikipedia page is a big plus point for your brand's online reputation.

If you don't know how to create a Wikipedia page, or you think it is tough to create & maintain a Wiki page you may take help from "A Step by Step Guide to create a Wikipedia Article"

2. Set Up a Google Business Listing

If you are a local business you must have listed on Google business. It will help your brand to collect information for Google's knowledge graph. You can setup business listing on Google from www.google.com/business/. it is completely free for all.

If you are new to create a Google Local Business listing you may take help from my article "How to Create Google Business Listing?"

5. YouTube Channel
If you are an artist you must have a YouTube channel if not you should create it immediately from Youtube.com, Google randomly picked the information from Youtube to appear on its knowledge graph. It can collect information like songs, movies, 

6. Make Your Presence on Social Media

Google knowledge graph collect information from most of your available trusted social media profiles like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Myspace, Google plus, containing social media links.

7. Get Listed on Saavn.com & Gaana.com

If you are an artist you must have a profile or list your songs on Saavn.com and Gaana.com. Google frequently grabs information from these two websites to its knowledge graph.

6. Use structured data

You may also setup Google knowledge graph information manually using Structured data provided by Google Developers

What is Google Structured Data?
According to Google developers Structured data markup or rich snippet is:

Know more about Structured Data

Structured data markup is used to setup knowledge graph information for display it in Google search. You may create structured data markup for any event, movie, reviews, organization, play, music concert and etc.

It may be few technical to normal business people however i have tried to explain the best way to make yourself or your brand visible on Google's 1st page.

You may contact Us to setup your brand in Google's top results.

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