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What is Wikipedia?

Wikipedia is popular as free content internet encyclopedia. It is supported and hosted by non-profit Wikimedia foundation. Wikipedia is launched by Jimmy Wales and Larry Sangeron on January 15, 2001. Wikipedia is the world’s largest and most referenced search engine.

The most attracting points about Wikipedia

No Advertisement

The website is completely ads free. There is not a single advertisement on website. You can find related information almost on every topic on Wikipedia. It covers only notable topics from reliable sources.

Anyone Can Edit 
Wikipedia Page Creation is easy. Yes, it is correct, anyone can create and edit Wikipedia pages. But this is not so easy to create a Wikipedia page and maintain it over years. There are huge numbers of guidelines and tags to make Wikipedia clear and concise. For creating a Wikipedia page a number of reliable resources are required. These resources could be from any news agency, Press, media, popular article, famous book, and journals.

Wikipedia has "neutral point of view" everyone compromises. 

More important anyone can access the information for free.

Benefits of Wikipedia

No media mogul in history has ever matched the power of Wikipedia. Everyone is aware with the power of Wikipedia. The Wikipedia pages rank automatic in Google and any other search engine. It makes your brand strong and also get genuine traffic for your business.

  • Large audience
  • Low cost of communication as compared to other media channels
  • Non profit, no advertising
  • World's most diverse audience
  • Google Top Ranking Results
  • Appear in Google Knowledge Graph
  • Increase Brand visibility in search engines
  • ORM - Maintain your brand reputation
  • Create trust between the people
  • Wiki pages always rank top in any search engine

Wikipedia pages are helpful to maintain ORM for your brand name. The Wikipedia pages don’t need any promotional or SEO work to be ranked in search engine results pages. They rank automatically in any search engine. After creating Wikipedia pages I maintain these pages over years. Increase your brand awareness by creating a great Wikipedia page for your business.

Why Should have a Wikipedia Page?

It is known by everyone that Wikipedia articles rank automatically in Google or any other search engines. If you are really serious to increase your brand awareness or popularity among the people, you must have a Wikipedia page.

Wikipedia links always show up on the first page of Google and other major search engines.

Wikipedia is the most trustable knowledge source by people on the internet. Google loves to show Wikipedia pages in its Google knowledge graph (Appears top right in Google search)

Keep Your Wikipedia Up to Date
Most internet users use Wikipedia to check information about companies. So it is important for any company’s brand reputation to keep its Wikipedia page up to date. If someone searching about any company on Google 90% chances are redirected that user to Wikipedia. The Wikipedia Experts study demonstrated that the Wikipedia profiles of 97% of companies show up within the first 10 Google search engine results pages. And for the 60% in top three results.

Google also picked information from Wikipedia for its knowledge graph at top right corner of Google search.

Wikipedia Warning Tags

The study revealed that most of the Fortune 500 companies have Wikipedia warning tags. Notwithstanding the substantial impact of Wikipedia visibility on the brand value of major companies, even the most experienced public relation organizations often fail to navigate Wikipedia's notoriously complex rules.

If you are not getting any solution to remove Wikipedia warning tags don’t worry you just focus on your business and let us do this job for you.

Do I Really hire a Wikipedia Expert? 

My answer is ‘No’.

Wikipedia is a completely free encyclopedia where anybody has right to edit or create articles. The community is defined by more than 200 combined policies and guidelines, to say nothing of the discussions, reviews committees, notice boards, wiki projects and more. 

Crowdsourcing, Everything is decided "by Consensus". Additional roles are decided by community itself

But why you just go into the technicality of Wikipedia, we want you to focus on your business and leads. Let us do this job for you. We are ethical white hat editors on Wikipedia. We are officially authorized Wikipedia expert editors. We are a group of professional writers from different locations approved by Wikipedia.

I would like to inform you about Wikipedia requirements:

Creation of a Wikipedia page is based on true facts and figures with underlying proofs in the form of some news or publications and the subject must be notable enough. 

I believe you must have enough news links on trusted websites.

Why Hire Me?

Many people fear to trust on a Wikipedia editor specially when he is demanding full advance fee. 

Don't Worry, You may rely on us as we never charge full advance fee. You can make payment only if you are satisfied with our work and get your page live on Wikipedia. 

Wikipedia Specialist (Expert in all Subjects)

If you are looking for professional Wikipedia writers in India your search stops here. I have been writing and creating Wikipedia pages for last five years. I have created Wikipedia pages almost on every topic like someone’s biography, business, brand, website or article on any general topic. Most of my experience is in creating brand, celebrity and politicians pages on Wikipedia. 

While you believe I am an expert Wikipedia consultant, Please refer below for my recently created Wikipedia articles:

Wikipedia Services by Professional Editors

We offer Wikipedia consulting on creating, editing, and updating your Wikipedia page.

Wikipedia Article Writing
Wikipedia Page Creation
Wikipedia Editing for Existing Pages
Wikipedia Monitoring
Adding Images for Already Existing Pages
Wikipedia Warning Tags Removal

WikiExpert has assisted many major corporations, executives, NGOs, celebrities, hospitals and other clients, in full compliance with Wikipedia policies and guidelines, simultaneously making Wikipedia more valuable to its users.

Team of Highly Experienced Wikipedia Editors
We are co-workers from years. We are a team of Wikipedia professional editors with solid Wiki admin profiles. Our combined efforts make Wikipedia precise and clean.

Wiki Expert Guarantees
Provide full confidentiality of your services
Published within 7 days
No Spam

Wikipedia Expert Services Covered
Wiki Page Creation
Free Page Monitoring till six months
Page update in future
Refund if deleted
Protection from Spammers

Want a well written and fully cited Wikipedia page!

You can send your interest for creating a Wikipedia page using our contact form.

Wikipedia Experts for Hire

Wikipedia Services Portfolio
Though i have been working with Wikipedia for last many years and my previous work includes National & international Politicians, Hollywood & Bollywood actors actresses, Businessman, Entrepreneurs, Notable companies, Anchors, Wrestlers, Hospitals, School & Colleges and many others. Please refer below for few of my Work:

Patrick Dopson - American Musician

ABES Engineering College

Liberty Videocon General Insurance

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