Since its launch in 2001, Wikipedia has grown to become the largest and most popular knowledge base on the planet, with more than 5 million pages covering just about any subject imaginable. It's not just a common approach to look up information; it's also a chance to establish yourself as a subject-matter authority or just to impart knowledge to others. Here's all you need to know to start setting up your profile on Wikipedia right away!

One of the most popular websites in the world right now is Wikipedia, but if you're thinking about creating a page there, you might be unsure of how to get started. Although the procedure for creating a Wikipedia page initially appears difficult, by following these steps and using some extra resources, you may easily have your article uploaded to the site.

Why is a brand's, organization's, influencer's, or celebrity's Wikipedia page important?

  • Enhanced internet media presence
  • boosts trust and reputation online
  • People use Wikipedia as a standard source of information.
  • increases exposure in search engines
  • Based on the Wiki page, Google will automatically assign a knowledge panel.

The cost of creating a Wikipedia page.

Availability of news site references and notoriety completely determines price. The cost might range from Rs. 15,000 to Rs. 1 lakh depending on the profile.

For the building of Wikipedia articles for Brands, organizations, or Influencers, we have a team of skilled content writers. For brands, organizations, companies, influencers, or celebrities, our content writers and team have experience researching information, finding reliable references & links, writing the content, reviewing it, and publishing it on Wikipedia pages. Pages must adhere to the Wikipedia editorial policies and content standards in order for their material to be approved. The content of Wikipedia pages should include accurate citations and references from publications, news websites, and reliable sources. The Wikipedia profiles of prominent companies, celebrities, and politicians have been updated.

Making of a Wikipedia page / Wikipedia Page Creation Process

1. Writing wiki page content

2. Content editing in accordance with Wikipedia editorial standards

3. The process of identifying and adding the references

4. Establishing citation connections (if no reference links found)

5. Prepare a complete Wiki draft and share it with you for your approval

6. After your final approval of Wikipedia draft, we make your Wiki page live.

How to Begin Creating Wiki Page With TheDigitalSEO

  • The client is required to provide the name of the brand, corporation, or celebrity as well as any relevant news portal references.
  • We shall examine the content and reliability of news portal references.
  • Will abandon the concept if there are fewer prospects for approval.
  • We tell the clients and request the release of the 50% payment price as advance if the likelihood of approval is high.
  • We begin the draft-writing process.
  • Once the draft is complete, we will request the client's permission.
  • After creating the page, we request admin approval.
  • Once the page has been active for over a month. We request that customers pay the remaining 50% in full.