How to Publish a Wikipedia article?

Today i will disclose my secret of publishing an article on Wikipedia.

There are 3 ways to create an article on Wikipedia

A. Submit a Draft: Please read this article for creating an article through Draft Submission. In this process, you will submit a draft and other Wikipedia editors will review it and if your subject line is notable and written in a neutral tone with reliable references then they will publish it. If you are a new user on Wikipedia then I would suggest you to go through this process.

B. Submit a Request: In this process, you may submit your article topic and it will be created by other editors only if your topic is notable enough. The chances are less to be publish your article through this process. You may submit your request by clicking here.

C. Publish through Main Space: So this is the secret of publishing a Wikipedia article. Most of the Wikipedia editors use this process to create a Wiki article. This process is for the experienced Wikipedia editor. If you are a new user and choosing this process make sure you are following all Wikipedia Guidelines otherwise your article may be deleted. I would suggest you to go through the Draft Submission process if you are new on Wikipedia.

Before publishing the article you must: 

1)Research the topic well

2)Gather the reliable independent references (news links)

3)Write a copy in a neutral tone without any advertisement

4)Add the references into your copy followed by the appropriate sentence

Steps to Publish a Wikipedia page

To create an article through this process, you have to do the following:

1.Create an account on Wikipedia.

2.Wait for a week

3.After a week do any 10 edits from your account

4.After completing the 10 edits, Search the title of the subject in a Wikipedia search bar. For example, I want to publish a Wikipedia article for a company named "ABCD Pvt. Ltd." Now I will search this company name into wiki search bar.

5.Click on the red highlighted subject name (company name)

6.You will find an empty box, Start writing here, Once you ready with your content, publish it.

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