How to submit a Wikipedia Draft for Approval?

Hello Everyone,

We all are aware that Wikipedia is the most powerful domain and number #1 knowledge source worldwide. Wikipedia pages automatically rank in search engines. They don't need any SEO or optimization technique to rank in any search engine.

Today i will let you know you how to create a successful Wikipedia article. 


  1. Create an account on Wikipedia.
  2. Verify your account on Your email
  3. Read carefully this article of How to create article on Wikipedia Wikipedia:How to create a page
  4. Remember never violate copyrights of Wikipedia Wikipedia:Your first article
  5. Go to this section Wikipedia:Article wizard
  6. Go to Wikipedia:Article wizard/Subject
  7. Before creating an article, First search that particular article in Wikipedia search bar and confirm that someone has not created the same article earlier.
  8. If your article is not available on Wikipedia click on “No my proposed article doesn’t already exist on Wikipedia
  9. Now select the preferred category for which you want to create an article. For example you want to create an article about a company you may click on “i’m writing about a company”
  10. Before creating the article, first ensure you are not creating an article for advertising purposes
  11. Now click on “My proposed article is not advertising”
  12. Make sure you have enough resources (News links on trusted websites) to create article
  13. Click “My proposed article has good sources
  14. Now there are 2 options to publish your article on Wikipedia
  15. First is Draft Submission,  If you submit your article as a draft it will take some time (approx. a week or a month) to publish as other Wikipedia admins first review your article then it is published.
Remember to add {{subst:submit}} in your top of the draft when you submit it for review.

Second is “Article Namespace” This option is for registered users as you already a registered user you may use this option. You can directly publish your article from this section but at your own risk. If Wikipedia finds any violation of its guidelines your page will removed instantly.

Suggestion: Wikipedia and I will also suggest you to use first option (AFC Draft Submission) to create your Wikipedia article.

If you are unable to create a Wikipedia page 
or your page is deleted previously 
or Your draft is declined by Wikipedia 
or you just want a well written Wiki page from professional Wiki Experts, you may send your interest on our contact form