What questions should I ask before hiring a Wikipedia expert?

Nine Questions before hire a Wikipedia Expert

There are a number of editors available in the market who are doing paid Wikipedia editing. They can create your Wikipedia page. But before hire a Wikipedia editor you must ask few questions?

1. Experience?

You must ask the experience of a Wikipedia expert since how many years she/he has been editing on Wikipedia?

2. What is his/her Wikipedia user profile? Does he have the admin authorities? 
You may ask to share his/her Wikipedia user page. It must be something like this:

You may also check his/her contribution from this tool:
Wikipedia tool for finding the number of pages created and edits counter:

If the User has admin authorities then, he can easily create a Wikipedia article for you. Because an Admin has the authority of creating a deleted Wikipedia article.

3. How old is his account?
Check when did he create his account. You may check this by checking the user's talk page. Just check the date of its very first message on his talk page, it must be a Welcome message. Please refer below url:

4. How many pages has he created in his career? 
Ask him "I need only the pages which are created by you. Please do not share someone else work.

5. Have you ever re-created a deleted page?
If the user's answer is 'Yes' that indicates he has Good Knowledge on Wikipedia.

6. Will he share the draft before publishing it on Wikipedia?

7. Do you work alone or you have a team of other Wikipedia Editors?
If they work in a team it is good to create and review a Wikipedia article.

8. How much time it will take to review my article by other Wikipedia editors? 

9. Do you also have a reviewer account?

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