Some common points that you must have keep in mind before creating a Wikipedia article

Steps to get your Wikipedia page live forever

How to avoid deletion tag to be added on a Wiki Article?

1. Your subject must be notable enough.

2. You must have enough resources based on true facts and figures with underlying proofs in the form of some news or publications. 

3. Make sure you are creating a Wiki article from neutral point of view.

4. Your content tone must not be a promotional or the article should not look like an advertisement

5. Always create content for social point of view as you are giving the right information to your readers.

6. Never use the copied content from anywhere

7. If your article deleted earlier, And you want to create your article again, Do not use the same content

8. Put some internal links in to your article that will connect your article to other existing Wikipedia articles.

9. Your entire article must be based on trusted news or citations. Do not put your own words.

10.Try to publish your article using Wikipedia draft wizard
11. Get help from other Wiki editors if you have doubt

By following the above points you can keep your article live forever on Wikipedia.

Avoiding common mistakes while creating a Wikipedia page and make it live forever

1. Artcile about yourself, the brand where you work, your website, your teacher, a story written by you
2. Advertizing
3. Attacks on a person or organization
4. Personal essays
5. Non-notable topics
6. A single line or only a website link
7. Too much website links in to your content body
8. Your club, society, fraternity, sorority or any other school/college group

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