How to Post on Google My Business Listing?

Make your business stand out on Google

Google has introduced a new feature that helps you catch customers' attention. Post special events, promotions and more on your Google listing. Now Google opens the option to all to post on Google business listing.

Create your post on your Google Business listing in 4 easy steps:

1. Open your Google My Business Account

2. Go to the "Posts" tab in left sidebar

3. Create your post and select a call to action for your potential customers
   You can make your post as an event or add a button like 'Learn More', 'Reserve', 'Sign up', 'Buy' and 'Get Offer'
   Add an image to your post to make it attractive

4. Publish it - and it's live on Google!

Where can you see your business listing post in Google search?

Simply search your brand name in Google search bar, you may see your post just below your Google business listing in right hand side. The indexing and crawling efficiency of this post is so high that it can be seen in Google search just after a few minutes of its published.

If you don't have a Google business listing, you may learn here how to setup Google Business Listing?