For ranking in Google or any other search engine it is necessary to crawling and indexing your website by search engine crawlers. Although all websites are crawled and indexed automatically from any search engine crawler but in few cases search engine crawlers can't crawl and index your website. I have seen many websites in my career which is perfectly crawled by crawler but not indexed. In this case there could be various reasons of not indexing your website like Wrong robots.txt commands or your website could be disallowed from  Google Search Console (Webmaster Tool).

To fix these issues there are few tasks that are recommended by Google for all new websites.

Submit XML sitemap to search console

Google has enabled this feature in its search console to crawl and index all web pages of a website. If you don't want to crawl few secure pages of your website you can disallow those pages in robots.txt file.

How to find Blogger XML sitemap?
If your website is live with Google Blogspot and you are unable to find blogger sitemap URL, don't worry you may find it by adding "atom.xml" in your home page URL. For example if your blogspot URL is then your xml sitemap URL will be look like this:

If you redirected your blogspot on a particular domain name like my blog: i can find its XML sitemap on

If you have more than 100 pages or posts in your blog you may use URL like this

You may set the limit of maximum pages crawled by adding any number just after results in the above URL.

How to Crawl or Index My Blogspot blog?
If your blog is not indexing from Google crawler you may perform the following tasks in Google search console:

1. Login your Google search console
2. Select your targetted website
3. Select "sitemap" under the "Crawl" category at left hand side
4. Click "ADD/TEST SITEMAP" at right hand side
5. Add "atom.xml" just after your website URL and click to submit

Now your website is successfully submitted to tell Google for Indexing
Please refer the below image for above process

image source: Google Search Console Login