How to fix XML Errors in Blogspot

Most of the time when you try to add a Facebook JavaScript or AdSense JavaScript code in your blogger template, you often come across XML Parsing errors that prompts and says "The reference to entity "version" must end with the ';' delimiter." Bloggers template.

When we insert JavaScript inside blogspot templates, all script inside the JavaScript tags is treated as a text and due to the presence of some illegal special characters like "<" , ">" and "&" , you often face the following error:

Adsense Page Level Ads Java Script Code Error in Blogspot Template

Special characters in XML that generate errors?
 (<)  - less than

(&) - ampersand

(>) - greater than

(")  - double-quote

(')  - apostrophe or single-quote

Replace Special Characters

Another simple method is to escape all 5 special characters and instead use the legal characters as alternatives to the above 5.

Another method is, convert whole line code which is generating error using below box

HTML Parsing Tool for XML Blogger Template