How to Fix Adsense Page Level Ads Javascript Code for Blogspot Template

Fix Error in Adsense page-level ads in Blogspot?

Hi Friends Today, i thought to enable Adsense page level ads for my Blogger website. But i was getting problem every time when i save the template after placing the javascript code on my blog.

If you don't know how to activate Adsense page level ads for your website, please click the hyperlinked title.

Getting problem in installing adsense javascript for Blogspot

Fix Page level ads Javascript code Error
If you are facing coding problem while placing Adsense page level ads java script code on your website, Don't worry just convert your Adsense Page Level ads code by using the below box:

Adsense Code Parser Tool

You can paste the converted code just after head tag (or at the top of the body tag)  and save template. Now you see to resolve the problem.

Actually there is no magic in this code these are just HTML parsing errors. You may remove these errors by HTML Parser Convertor.

You may visit this post, If you want to setup Adsense page-level ads for wordpress website 


Ramnadh said...

I think this should be like this async='' src

Christina said...

Dear friend,

Thanks for your comment but i have checked the above code in to my adsense account and that's perfectly working for my website

You can check this domain on any mobile device, you will see some ads by Google.

Anonymous said...

Thank you buddy, this tool solved my problem!

Christina said...

Thanks Bruno