How to Monetize Your Mobile Site?

Adsense Next generation Ads: Page Level Ads

Show Your adsense ads on mobile sites

The "Page-level ads"Beta is only developed for mobile sites and offers two type of ads formats
Recently Google Adsense launched "Page-level ads" to activate ads on mobile devices. Today i noticed a new "Page-level ads beta" in my Google adsense account. If you are using adsense you can easily monetize your mobile sites using page-level ads section in your Adsense account. You can show adsense ads for blogger mobiles also. Anchor/overlay ads
Vignette ads

Most of us already using Anchor/overlay ads on all the mobile app. The best thing in these ad formats there is no 3 ads per page limit.

Vignette ads are mobile full screen ads you can see these ads when you load page on your site, you can easily close these ads anytime.

How to enable Adsense Mobile Ads?

Login to your AdSense account and click on My Ads> Page level ads. Now you can see "Page-level ads"BETA under the "content" at top left corner. Now you have to click on both the buttons under the "status".

Now just scroll down and copy that jave script code. You can paste this code in (head) section or at top of the (body) section in to your website

Where to put Adsense page-level ads java csript code in Blogspot?

Please follow the below steps:

1. Login your Blogger account
2. Select your blog from the list for which you want to enable Adsense page-level ads
3. Select Template on left sidebar
4. Click Edit HTML
5. Now Paste the code just below the (head) tag
6. Save your blog template

Please refer below screenshot for above process

Image Source: Blogger Account

If you are getting problem while adding java script code in your blogger or other website. You don't need to worry just check my post How to Fix Page Level Ads Javascript Code error for Blogspot? and try that code.

How to taste Adsense Page level ads?

After successfully placing the jave script code now it's turn to taste your ads that your code has properly placed or not.

All you have to do is, open your website in any smart phone browser and add #googleads at the end of the url and click enter ( Now you will see your website page devided in to two categories (ANCHORS and VIGNETTES ) just like the below image

Now you can check ANCHORS and VIGNETTE ads seperately by clicking them.

If you have Wordpress website and want to activate Page-Level ads for Wordpress website, don't worry just click my other post here: How to Activate Adsense Page-Level Ads for Wordpress Website?