Link Pyramid

What is Link Pyramid?

A link pyramid is a very powerful and effective way of backlinking to your site.
Instead of having just a single link pointing to your site (or thousands of single links, which looks incredibly spammy), you not only make your linking look more natural, but you will also make your linking a whole lot more powerful.

How it work?

The above is just a simple diagram of what a link pyramid really is.
As you can see, the amount of tier 1 links pointing to your main site are very few. This is perfect because Google penalties target mass amounts of links built to your site, but by following the link pyramid strategy you avoid that penalty.

Tier 2 contains more links that point towards tier 1, making tier 1 links more powerful from the link juice they gain from tier 2. Try to keep the anchor text relevant to your money site niche.
Tier 3 links to tier 3 and is usually a layer that is considered pretty spammy. This layer often consists of blasting thousands of profile links, social media profile links, Classified submission, Social sharing and spammy links to tier 1.

Tier 1
10 Blog websites linking to the Main site with a main keyword and a secondary keyword.

Tier 2
5 other blogs websites containing 2 links, 1 linking to the main website and 1 linking to one of the tier 1 links.

Tier 2
5 other blogs websites containing 2 links, 1 linking to the main website and 1 linking to one of the tier 1 links.

Why You Should Choose Link Pyramid?

Link pyramids always have been and are still the most effective ways to do SEO & ORM. We are keeping track of all the tier 1 layers so that if Google changes its rules and your link pyramid becomes bad for your SEO, then you can simply change or remove the tier one links and thus keep your money sites safe. That’s why we choose Link Pyramid to promote our websites.


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Anonymous said...

Is it really work for any website promotion?

Christina said...

Yes it works, Your site never be banned or penalized if you follow way.