Google Caffeine
As Google announced for it's new search technology Google Caffeine. It is officially released by early 2010. Matt Cutts confirmed that Caffeine was going live on IP address, at least for 50% of the users hitting that data center. He also said that I was totally off in reporting that Google is doing for a major update in its search technique. What people are seeing is the Caffeine results on that single data center.

According to all indications, this is not just another one of Google’s infamous Updates, but a major “Overhaul” of its index and algorithm, the complex formula and calculations Google uses to rank all web pages. If we compare Google Caffiene and Google Classic, we will find some important facts-
New Google is FAST: It often doubled the speed of Google classic.

New Google relies more on keywords
Search is moving into real-time: Being able to get info on breaking events is clearly a priority for Google and Bing. With both Twitter (Twitter) and Facebook (Facebook) launching real-time search engines.

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