I was started my career from Meerut. I have done B.Tech in CS from Meerut. I spent four years in this city. Here i got many good friends and some who were not to be like friends. But i learned a lot in these four years which make a man foolish or perfect. I spent the time in Meerut with a big burden on my parents. Every time when i used to take money from home, i felt so shame on myself because i had know they sent money for me in difficulty. 

Well i completed my B.Tech in four years and decided to spent some time at my home, but my other friends move to NCR region or in other cities in India. Some friends who was lucky got the placement after completing their B.Tech. 

After passing three months at home i decided to move to Noida. Here my some friends were already staying, but in these friends i was very aware with 'Gaurav' who is from Lucknow. Because of him i came to Noida. I was very excited to get a job, i started to face interviews in every field because i need a job very urgently. After-all my parents was tired to give money for me in four years. And obviously they saw a dream for me that i will become a rich man after completing my B.Tech. But i broke all the dreams of my parents when i didn't get a single job in any company or call center. May be the reason i was not so smart like others. I was very frustrated when i didn't get a job after 6 months. 

Well i decided to do a course of software testing. Me and my one room mates started this course from Lajpat Nagar Delhi in march 2006. We completed this course within three months. One of my friends got the job after completing the course. He got selected in a good software company in Noida. I started interviews once again in software testing field, but still i didn't get success.

After struggling a lot i got a job in an international BPO at rupees 6000 wedges. It was a night shift job (From 9PM to 6 AM). After passing 1 month in this small BPO, the company said we are in loss we can't continue further. And i received only 1500 INR. except rupees 6000. I was so hopeless at that time. Now it was so tough for me to maintain my regular expenses. In 1500 amount was not enough to buy only bread and butter for me. This situation tends me to my friend for borrowing money. After a month i again gain a job in a networking company Cube Software. It was a company which provides call center software and its solutions located in Noida. I spent almost one month in this company and got fired due to not reaching to a site on time. This call center was located in Okhla. Now you friends are thinking why i couldn't reach at that site on time? Actually the reason was i had no money in my pocket at that time to reach Okhla from Noida. Next day when i went to company, My team lead called me in his cabin and started abusing me, i was weeping and accept my apologies but that man didn't listen my any word. He reported to manager and manager called me in his cabin again i was weeping and accepted my apologies in-front of the manager but he was not so kind hearted man. They fired me. Again i was jobless.