Google Safe Browsing Site Status Tool from Google Transparency Report

Google recently announced about Google Safe Browsing Site Status tool. The purpose of this tool to protect us from threats like Malware, Unwanted software and social engineering across desktop and mobile platforms. Google safe browsing helps protect over a number of devices everyday by showing warning message to users specially when they trying to navigate to dangerous sites. It gives more precise and clear transparency report. It is good for primary users of of the page. The Google's transparency report includes details about threats that safe browsing identifies.

Safe browsing protects Google and other products: 

Chrome, Mozilla, Internet Explorer and other browsers
Google Search shows the site you are about to visit is dangerous
Gmail: Protects you from dangerous links in mails
Android: Protects users who installs apps from outside Google Play
Ads: Google ads do not promote harmful pages

You may check your website whether it is safe for browsing or not?
Check status here: Google Safe Browsing