How to setup Google Webmaster tool (Search Console)?

Google Search Console also known as Google webmaster tool. Google introduced this online free tool to monitor & analyze your website performance in Google search.

Setup Google Webmaster Tool or Search Console:
1. Open
2. Sign in to your Google Account
3. Add your website by Clicking "ADD A PROPERTY"
4. Now you see verification method page, You may verify your account through various methods available in that page.

Available verification methods:

Recommended method
  • HTML file upload

Alternate Methods
  • Add HTML tag to your Home page meta tags
  • Domain Name provider
  • Google Analytics
  • Google Tag manager
If you have already an Analytics account on the same Google account you may verify your account by selecting "Google Analytics"
5. Now Your Webmaster account is ready

If you don't know how to create XML sitemap you may follow few below steps:

How to Create XML Sitemap for My Website?

There are many online tool available for generating your website XML sitemap such as,, and

Let's start with

1. Open
2. Submit your website URL under "Starting URL"
3. Select "Change frequency" as "Daily"
4. Select "Last modification" as "Use server's response"
5. Select "Priority" as "Automatically Calculated Priority"
6. Now click on "Start" button
7. Wait until all pages of your website not crawled
8. Now you may see a page named "Your sitemap is ready!"
9. Now you may download the xml sitemap file to your system and give this file a name "sitemap"
10.You have to upload this file at your website root level domain. If you don't know about tecknicality, you may send this file to your developer.

Your website XML sitemap URL will look like this: