Activate Mobile Ads for Wordpress Website

If you are getting problem to enable Adsense page-level ads for your wordpress website or you don't know where to put the code in wordpress don't worry I will explain your questions here in this post.

For enable Adsense page level ads on your website, you must have a verified Adsense account. If you don't have an Adsense account you can create it from here.

Now follow the below steps

1. Login your Adsense account
2. Go to My Ads tab on top menu.
3. Select Page-level ads in left sidebar
4. Turn on the page level ad formats that you want to implement on your site.(Anchor/overlay ads) and (Vignette ads)
5. Click on the Get code button to generate the code
6. Add the code in the head section of your WordPress website

Please refer the below screenshot for above process

Image Source: Adsense account

Where to put Adsense Page level ads code in Wordpress Website?

To enable Adsense page-level ads in your wordpress website, you have to first install Header and Footer plugin in your wordpress account. If you don't know how to install wordpress plugin don't worry I will explain whole process from step 1:

1. Login your wordpress account
2. Select Plugins at the left sidebar
3. Select add  new plugin and search for Header and Footer in search bar.
4. You will find many plugins choose the best that you think appropriate for your need, If you are confused in selecting best plugin, you can compare with ratings.
5. Now install the Header and Footer plugin
6. After installing plugin go to settings and select Header and Footer under Settings
7. Now You can see here 3 boxes named (HEAD), (BODY) and close body tags (/BODY)
8. You can post the code in HEAD section at top

Please refer below image to follow above process

Image Source: Wordpress account login of

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