Rate Your Government

Hi friends, i am writing this post to support Narendra Modi and our Government. I voted my government for their work, And You!

                                                 Developing and Transforming India

As you all aware with Indian Government efforts and initiatives in the last two years. Our honorable prime minister Sri Narendra Modi has successfully completed his two years while serving our nation. Now our government wants each resident's opinion about Indian Government works. In keeping with the people's interest & spirit, here is an opportunity to give your feedback on these initiatives through the "Rate My Government" survey.

Indian Government launched "Rate My Government" survey to know your feedback.Your responses will be recorded & help the government for further improving these programs and making India great.

To take part in survey you have to register first on Mygov.in. You can register here.

There are 2 rounds of the survey. Each round has 15 questions. The 1st round is just for your knowledge of current benefits by Indian Government. In 1st round you have to answer in "YES" or "NO". In 2nd round you have to rate Indian Government works in 1 to 5 rating system.You must attend the second part of the survey.

To Rate my Government Kindly Click the link below:

Rate My Government

The survey is also available through a Toll Free Number 1800-11-7800 and a missed call number 09514200100. The total number of completed surveys through these two additional streams are collated in the total completed survey count shown on the website (https://www.mygov.in/). So, log in and get going.