Hi Everyone,

In early August, Google announced that they would be taking into account HTTPS as a ranking factor. Having a secure certificate for your website will now be considered in the Google algorithm. Google has indicated that they want to make sure they are sending their users to trusted, secure websites, and HTTPS detection is part of the way they determine those factors.

We are recommending to all that they add a secure certificate to their site. It will help protect their users, increase their own security, and potentially improve their rankings.

Now, we also know that not all security certificates are alike. Both Chrome and Firefox have announced their intent to start phasing out 1024 bit certificates in favor of 2048 bit RSA Keys. Even if you already have HTTPS, you might consider upgrading if you are on an old insecure certificate. Don't worry if you don't know what those mean, we can help point you in the direction of a provider that offers the latest security measurements.  We currently recommend SSL.com, as they have a wide variety of SSL certificates available and offer competitive pricing.

For more information about Google anouncement on SSL please check: