In these days of digital marketing most people are wary of umpteen tips that are directed at them. However, when you hire the services of an internet marketing coach s/he will drill you on how to make money online by providing a number of helpful guidelines. Yet you are circumspect till you are sure about the efficacy of coach.

“Why should I sell a product with resale rights when thousands of other people are doing the same online?” The answer to this question is forthright.

You need to have an edge over competition if you want to succeed in the reseller business. In spite of so many killer tips floating around, the essential philosophy for selling an eBook or any reseller package is perpetual.

Let us revisit some of those wisdom pointers:

  • Ignore the standard promotional that comes with each reseller package. After all, everyone else is going to sell via the same campaign. Change the copy instead. Perk up the page with exciting graphics – perhaps.
  • Give a new look to the eBook cover. Let it look different.  You can even do it yourself. There are plenty of graphics editing programs.
  • Any sales campaign must shout “Buy Me”. The best way to do it is by offering bonuses. Every buyer likes a windfall.
  • Think differently. For example, you can convert Private Label Content into a video tutorial or an audio course. People love being offered something unique.

We do agree that a dedicated internet marketing coach can do wonders to your e-business. The final upshot however will depend upon you alone and your innovative skills. 

At all times, the key underlying niche is to make your resale rights package more valuable to your customers. So while you are at it, do not lose sight of some drawbacks that bad marketing can trigger.

For example, inaccurate and vague information, bad presentation, or inappropriate price can all ruin the show. The best internet marketing coach mantra is “provide more value if you want to make more money online”.