What exactly are spammy links or Inorganic links?

Organic links are links you earned. They are usually links which are editorially added. Inorganic links are ones which were created to manipulate Page Rank. There are various examples and details which can be offered to further clarify the distinction but at a high level, that is the distinction.

How to start?

Step 1:

Pull out all spammy links data from your webmaster tools.


Find out detailed info about all links using SEO Gudget.

Step 3:

We will create an Excel spreadsheet to contact the sites giving priority to the sites with the most links.
We will contact these sites by following ways:
·         e-mail
·         phone
·         contact us page
·         looked up their WHOIS information

We will provide a link to a copy of each e-mail we sent. Regarding the e-mails which will be sent, they should be very polite customized letters for each site.

The letter format will be as follows: introduction, description of the problem (i.e. our website has been penalized by Google...), the request to remove links, the location (URL) of all known links within their domain, and we thank them for their efforts.

Additionally, we will go ahead and completed the list of contacting EVERY site who showed a link in Google Webmaster Tool, even the hundreds of sites with only a single link.
We focus on solid documentation: If you named a link we could present a copy of an e-mail request sent to remove the link, the date/time of when it was sent along with who sent it. That is the goal.

We will contact again if site owner not responded. Still he doesn’t respond we will send a DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act.) notice to the site owner.

Step 4:

After completing this task we will report our results to Google including an excel sheet of those website urls which we contacted.
We will take next step accordingly after getting the response from Google.

Tools we can use:

Free Tool:This tool helps you to find  spammy links data for your website including Website contact us page, email, whois contact, IP, Anchor text, Twitter, Linkedin, etc.

Free Tool: We can use to pull data out of batches of urls for this. It goes and grabs link data from SEOmoz and then has a go at getting contact details including twitter, facebook etc.

Paid Tool: This tool helps you get your site reconsidered by Google quicker than ever. It makes your manual efforts easy.

Find out contact, hosting etc.

More Queries:

How can we contact to Google?

We can contact Google through “Reconsideration Request” form, after verifying your website in Google webmaster tool.

How you know if it’s manual or algo penalty?

After contacting Google through “Reconsideration Request” they (Google) will tell you whether it’s a manual or algo penalty.