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Post on Google Business Listing

How to Post on Google My Business Listing?

Make your business stand out on Google

Google has introduced a new feature that helps you catch customers' attention. Post special events, promotions and more on your Google listing. Now Google opens the option to all to post on Google business listing.

Create your post on your Google Business listing in 4 easy steps:

1. Open your Google My Business Account

2. Go to the "Posts" tab in left sidebar

3. Create your post and select a call to action for your potential customers
   You can make your post as an event or add a button like 'Learn More', 'Reserve', 'Sign up', 'Buy' and 'Get Offer'
   Add an image to your post to make it attractive

4. Publish it - and it's live on Google!

Where can you see your business listing post in Google search?

Simply search your brand name in Google search bar, you may see your post just below your Google business listing in right hand side. The indexing and crawling efficiency of this post is so high that it can be seen in Google search just after a few minutes of its published.

If you don't have a Google business listing, you may learn here how to setup Google Business Listing?

Google Knowledge Graph

What is Google Knowledge Graph
The Knowledge Graph is an information box appears in top right side in Google Search of any brand. Google added Knowledge Graph display to Google's search engine results pages in 2012. Google launched knowledge graph to enhance its search results with semantic-search information gathered from different sources. Google knowledge graph is specially launched for any brand, famous personality, events, animals, history and other topics.

According to Wikipedia a Google knowledge graph can be defined as:

A Google Knowledge Graph can display the different information according to its subject. Google knowledge graph gather data only from trustable sources like Wikipedia, Google Plus, Google business listing, Youtube channel, etc. Earlier Google also collecting data from Freebase but Google completely shut-down Freebase API on Aug 31 2016. 

A knowledge graph could have the following information

For a Brand

1. Brand Name
2. Brand Logo
3. Brand Website URL
4. Wikipedia summary and link if Wikipedia page is available for the brand
5. Few important information about the company like Customer care Contact Number, Company CEO name, Found date, Headquarters, Parent Organization, founders, etc.
6. Social Media Profile links
7. People also search
For A Notable Person
1. One medium Image of the person at top left of knowledge graph, Other images of the person at top right
2. Wikipedia summary and a Wiki link if Wikipedia article is available for the person
3. Few important information about the person like Born, Spouse, Education, Organization founded, movies, books, songs, siblings, etc.
4. Social Profile Links like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Instagram, etc.
5. Youtube Channel link if any
6. People also search

For Events
1. Logo
2. Wikipedia link if page available
3. Venue Dates
4. Venue Address
5. Host
6. Other information about Event
7. People also search

Why Should Have a Google Knowledge Graph Up to date?
If your brand is searchable by million of users, it is your responsibility to keep your Brand's knowledge graph up to date with all latest information. As Google frequently collects information from its very trustable resources like Wikipedia, YouTube, Google Plus, Twitter, Facebook, Myspace, saavn and many others. Now it depends on you that how much you can keep updated your brand's Google knowledge graph. Simple if you keep updated Google's trustable resources, Google will always show the correct information for its users about your brand. Therefore if you keep updated other social media resources Google knowledge graph will automatically get updated.

How to Create Google Knowledge Graph?

Google Safe Browsing Site Status Tool

Google Safe Browsing Site Status Tool from Google Transparency Report

Google recently announced about Google Safe Browsing Site Status tool. The purpose of this tool to protect us from threats like Malware, Unwanted software and social engineering across desktop and mobile platforms. Google safe browsing helps protect over a number of devices everyday by showing warning message to users specially when they trying to navigate to dangerous sites. It gives more precise and clear transparency report. It is good for primary users of of the page. The Google's transparency report includes details about threats that safe browsing identifies.

Safe browsing protects Google and other products: 

Chrome, Mozilla, Internet Explorer and other browsers
Google Search shows the site you are about to visit is dangerous
Gmail: Protects you from dangerous links in mails
Android: Protects users who installs apps from outside Google Play
Ads: Google ads do not promote harmful pages

You may check your website whether it is safe for browsing or not?
Check status here: Google Safe Browsing

134 UK Women Fashion Bloggers List

Bloggers Outreach UK

British Fashion Bloggers to Follow in 2017

Hello everyone,

Today i will share you some top fashion and beauty bloggers from united kingdom. If you are planning to promote your brand or product and looking for woman fashion bloggers from UK, you may find this post useful. I spend almost a month to collect this information from internet. The numbers of social media followers may differ due to increasing popularity of bloggers.

Blogs are the best entities to create quality backlinks for your website's good ranking in search engines.

134 UK's Top Women Fashion Bloggers List 2017

  1. Susanna Lau
  2. Ella Catliff
  3. Camille Charriere
  4. Peony Lim
  5. Shini Park
  6. Lucy Williams
  7. Alexandra Stedman
  8. Gabi Gregg
  9. Vanessa Hong
  10. Ella Gregory
  11. Ari Seth Cohen
  12. Navaz Batliwalla
  13. Laura Fantacci
  14. Beanie Major
  15. Hannah Rochell
  16. Vanessa Jackman
  17. lise grendene
  18. Natalie Hartley
  19. Pandora Sykes
  20. Hannah Gale
  21. Tanya Burr
  22. Scott Schuman
  23. Rosie Londoner
  24. Rosie Fortescue
  25. Lily Melrose
  26. Olivia Grace
  27. Carrie Harwood
  28. Aaron Christian
  29. Fred Butler
  30. Fréddie Harrel
  31. Jaime
  32. Sasha Wilkins
  33. Erica Davies
  34. Georgina Horne
  35. Victoria Villasana
  36. Callie Thorpe
  37. Alice Zielasko
  38. Patricia Batatas
  39. Zoe Sugg
  40. Fleur De Force
  41. Nicola Chapman
  42. Samantha Maria
  43. Lily Pebbles
  44. Yvan Rodic
  45. Shirley B. Eniang
  46. Emily Johnston
  47. Melanie Rickey
  48. Laëtitia Wajnapel
  49. Sarah  Ellis and Philippa Bloom
  50. Hannah Crosskey
  51. Kavita
  52. Kristabel Plummer
  53. Sandra Hagelstam
  54. Ashley Madekwe
  55. Stella Kattermann
  56. Jen Allison
  57. Rosa Lind
  58. Victoria
  59. Lorna Burford
  60. Amber McNaught
  61. Soraya de Carvalho
  62. Aleali May
  63. Anna
  64. Amelia Liana
  65. Hannah Michalak
  66. Julie Sarinana
  67. Ruth Crilly
  68. Jane Cunningham
  69. Kate La Vie
  70. Suzie
  71. Caroline Hirons
  72. zoe london
  73. Alix Coburn
  74. Hayley Carr
  75. Kate Murnane
  76. Ree
  77. Emma Woodley
  78. Fiona Klonarides
  79. Katie Snooks
  80. Kayleigh Louise Johnson
  81. Jennifer Rosellen
  82. Milly Naomi
  83. Jen Thorne
  84. Em Sheldon
  85. Meg
  86. Abi Silvester
  87. Amy Bell
  88. Helen
  89. Danielle Wightman Stone
  90. Sarah Wong
  91. Victoria
  92. Emily Shanks
  93. Tamara Kalinic
  94. Lexi A N
  95. Reem and Natalya Kanj
  96. Krista Madden
  97. Gemma Seager
  98. Becca Hermitt
  99. Claire Culley
  100. Fifi Lapin
  101. Fleur McGerr
  102. Tara & Jade
  103. Danielle Vanier
  104. Melissa Mould
  105. Reena Rai
  106. Bethany Carman Rutter
  107. Victoria Jane
  108. Tor Bennet
  109. Michelle Haswell
  110. Lynsay
  111. Charlotte Buttrick
  112. Sheri Scott
  113. Georgina Goodman
  114. Kim Turkington
  115. Claire Stuart
  116. Natalie x
  117. Deborah
  118. Abisola Omole
  119. Amanda Davies
  120. Debz
  121. Yuliya Oleynykova
  122. Ayden
  123. Rachel Michaella Finn
  124. Gwen McMullin
  125. Katie Chutzpah
  126. Charlotte Crowley
  127. Sarah Farrell
  128. Sarah Clark
  129. Hollie Furniss
  130. Kristabel Plummer
  131. Andria Aletrari
  132. Amber McNaught
  133. Hannah Louise
  134. Magdalena Knitter

Free Sitemap Generation Tool for Large Websites

Free XML Sitemap Creation Tool

Sitemap is an important factor to crawl website all URLs. There are so many free online tools are available that can generate XML sitemap for your small website and the best XML sitemap generation tool for small website is
This tool can create 500 pages sitemap only at free of cost, If you want to create sitemap for more than 500 pages then you have to select a paid version

Free Sitemap Creation Tool for Big Websites or more than 500 pages

Most of my friends ask me a free SEO tool that could generate XML sitemap for large websites. If you search such tool on Google you hardly find any tool. But i have a free tool that can generate XML sitemap for big websites.

Here is the tool ‘Xenu’ which i have been using since last 9 years. This tool is completely free tool for creating XML sitemaps for large websites. This tool also provide broken links report. 
For use of this tool You must have download the tool from the below link

Xenu's Link Sleuth (

How to Create Sitemap from Xenu?


1. Download Xenu Zip file from the above given links of Softonic
2. Install Xenu on your system
3. Open Xenu
4. Go to File and select check URL
5. Submit your website URL

6. Leave it till it crawled all website pages
7. Create XML sitemap from File>Create Google Sitemap File
8. Save it as 'sitemap'
9. Check Your sitemap whether it is correct or not, Just double click on file or open it in any browser you will see the URL list in xml format.

Publish My Content on Google - Google Podium Posts

Post Your Brand Content Direct on Google

Publish on Google is Easy Now
Google has been experimenting a new content platform called Now Google makes easy to post content direct on Google and that will appear instantly in search results. It will definitely make a huge impact in SEO. Google Podium - The feature of direct posting on Google can make SEO easy & fruitful.

Unique Feature of Google Podium Posts? The goal of launched of Google Podium Posts is to provide real time updates from verified individuals and organizations. Any content, image or video posted on Google Podium posts appears immediately after it published. This feature could be a complimentary of Google Knowledge Graph but they both differs in position as knowledge graph just appears on top right for any brand search in Google while Google podium appears among the search results.

Who are Eligible for Google Podium?
Google recently launched a new feature for those who are looking for information about prominent individuals and organizations. Any brand, organization, celebrity or any famous personality may join & post on

Only Verified individuals and organizations can now communicate with text, images and videos directly on Google. Creating content is fast, simple and easy now. Once you published on, your posts will appear instantly on Google search results related to the publisher. Each post can also be shared on popular social networks.

Currently this feature is available for invite only and in beta mode. If you are a public figure or organization and would like to publish on Google, you have to wait till you get the acknowledge mail from Google. 

You may join the waitlist here

How to Look Like Google Podium Post Among Google Search Results
For example i have searched a brand (Coach) in Google and found the following results 

You may check out the full Google profile of brand Coach on