Free Sitemap Generation Tool for Large Websites

Free XML Sitemap Creation Tool

Sitemap is an important factor to crawl website all URLs. There are so many free online tools are available that can generate XML sitemap for your small website and the best XML sitemap generation tool for small website is
This tool can create 500 pages sitemap only at free of cost, If you want to create sitemap for more than 500 pages then you have to select a paid version

Free Sitemap Creation Tool for Big Websites or more than 500 pages

Most of my friends ask me a free SEO tool that could generate XML sitemap for large websites. If you search such tool on Google you hardly find any tool. But i have a free tool that can generate XML sitemap for big websites.

Here is the tool ‘Xenu’ which i have been using since last 9 years. This tool is completely free tool for creating XML sitemaps for large websites. This tool also provide broken links report. 
For use of this tool You must have download the tool from the below link

Xenu's Link Sleuth (

How to Create Sitemap from Xenu?


1. Download Xenu Zip file from the above given links of Softonic
2. Install Xenu on your system
3. Open Xenu
4. Go to File and select check URL
5. Submit your website URL

6. Leave it till it crawled all website pages
7. Create XML sitemap from File>Create Google Sitemap File
8. Save it as 'sitemap'
9. Check Your sitemap whether it is correct or not, Just double click on file or open it in any browser you will see the URL list in xml format.

Publish My Content on Google - Google Podium Posts

Post Your Brand Content Direct on Google

Publish on Google is Easy Now
Google has been experimenting a new content platform called Now Google makes easy to post content direct on Google and that will appear instantly in search results. It will definitely make a huge impact in SEO. Google Podium - The feature of direct posting on Google can make SEO easy & fruitful.

Unique Feature of Google Podium Posts? The goal of launched of Google Podium Posts is to provide real time updates from verified individuals and organizations. Any content, image or video posted on Google Podium posts appears immediately after it published. This feature could be a complimentary of Google Knowledge Graph but they both differs in position as knowledge graph just appears on top right for any brand search in Google while Google podium appears among the search results.

Who are Eligible for Google Podium?
Google recently launched a new feature for those who are looking for information about prominent individuals and organizations. Any brand, organization, celebrity or any famous personality may join & post on

Only Verified individuals and organizations can now communicate with text, images and videos directly on Google. Creating content is fast, simple and easy now. Once you published on, your posts will appear instantly on Google search results related to the publisher. Each post can also be shared on popular social networks.

Currently this feature is available for invite only and in beta mode. If you are a public figure or organization and would like to publish on Google, you have to wait till you get the acknowledge mail from Google. 

You may join the waitlist here

How to Look Like Google Podium Post Among Google Search Results
For example i have searched a brand (Coach) in Google and found the following results 

You may check out the full Google profile of brand Coach on

How to make my brand visible in Google Search?

Want your brand on the front page of Google, Say Google Knowledge Graph!
In my career i saw many new brands and companies which want to appear on Google's 1st page but they didn't. They want their brand name visible in Google but they didn't. But when i go through in deep of these companies they have very few resources published on Google's trusted websites. And Google collects information for it's knowledge graph from their very trusted websites. 

Google Knowledge Graph is most important factor to make your brand visible in Google search. Here i will explain how to setup Google knowledge graph for any brand or person?

Brand Visibility Factors
Make your brand visible in Google. Your brand will appear on Google’s top 10 results.

What we do to make your brand visible in Google?
1. Setup Google Knowledge Graph
2. Update Meta Tags
3. Setup Google local listing
4. Business Listings on popular websites in your country
5. Setup & complete Social media accounts for your business
6. Create Business profiles on Google's trusted websites
7. Wikipedia Page creation
8. Use Structured Data, Rich Snippet for Social links in Google knowledge graph

A step by step guide to see your brand in Google's top results

This is also the answer of 'How to Create Google Knowledge Graph?'

Google collects information from different-different sources for its Knowledge graph. If you create or setup your profile on these resources Google can easily pick information from these sources for showing in your brand's knowledge graph. Now it's time to create your identity only on those resources from where Google gathering information for it's knowledge graph.

1. Create a Wikipedia Page
Everyone must be aware about Wikipedia as a free knowledge provider. Wikipedia is also a most trusted website as a free knowledge source. There are a number of editors who contribute on Wikipedia. Actually it is a free encyclopedia where anyone can edit or create article. Now comes to Google, You know how much Google likes Wikipedia? You can have an idea about Google likeliness to Wikipedia from searching anything on Google and you will get 90% results on Google's 1st page containing a Wikipedia link.

Google also grab the information from Wikipedia for it's knowledge graph, Hence creating a Wikipedia page is beneficial for your brand as appear in Google Knowledge graph with correct information. Having a Wikipedia page is a big plus point for your brand's online reputation.

If you don't know how to create a Wikipedia page, or you think it is tough to create & maintain a Wikipage you may take help from "A Step by Step Guide to create a Wikipedia Article"

2. Set Up a Google Business Listing

If you are a local business you must have listed on Google business. It will help your brand to collect information for Google's knowledge graph. You can setup business listing on Google from it is completely free for all.

If you are new to create a Google Local Business listing you may take help from my article "How to Create Google Business Listing?"

3. Create a Business Account on Google Plus

Regardless of Google Plus account If you already setup a Google local business account you don't need to create a saperate G+ business account for your brand. When you setup a local business Google automatically create a G= business account for your brand. You take the live URL of your Google Plus business page from your local business account.
Sign in your Google local business, 
Go to G+ badge at the bottom of your account, 
Click that and you will be landed on your G+ business page.

Here you may create post about your company on regular basis. If you are an individual you can also create a Google Plus account from

Yes Google also fetches information from your Google plus business account for it's knowledge graph.

4. YouTube Channel

If you are an artist you must have a YouTube channel if not you should create it immediately from, Google randomly picked the information from Youtube to appear on its knowledge graph. It can collect information like songs, movies, 

5. Make Your Presence on Social Media

Google knowledge graph collect information from most of your available trusted social media profiles like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Myspace, Google plus, containing social media links.

6. Get Listed on &

If you are an artist you must have a profile or list your songs on and Google frequently grabs information from these two websites to its knowledge graph.

6. Use structured data

You may also setup Google knowledge graph information manually using Structured data provided by Google Developers

What is Google Structured Data?
According to Google developers Structured data markup or rich snippet is:

Know more about Structured Data

Structured data markup is used to setup knowledge graph information for display it in Google search. You may create structured data markup for any event, movie, reviews, organization, play, music concert and etc.

It may be few technical to normal business people however i have tried to explain the best way to make yourself or your brand visible on Google's 1st page.

You may contact Us to setup your brand in Google's top results.

Brand Visibility Portfolio

However I have a long list to showcase brand visibility in Google, you may refer below for few of them

Jaimie Hilfiger
Setup Knowledge Graph in Google Search
Successfully Created Wikipedia Page for Jaimie Hilfiger

Seema Jaswal
Setup Knowledge Graph in Google Search
Successfully Created Wikipedia Page for Seema Jaswal

Videocon General Insurance
Setup Knowledge Graph in Google Search
Successfully Created Wikipedia Page for Videocon General Insurance

Erck Rickmers
Setup Knowledge Graph in Google Search
Successfully Created Wikipedia Page for Erck Rickmers

How to Get My New Website Discovered in Google?

How to Cache my Website in Google?

How to Crawl & Index My Website in Google?

Whenever you create a new website the first thing you probably want to happen is have people find it in Google. But typically , you have to wait around for the search bot to crawl your website.

So the question is How to get my new website discovered in Google?

Do you know is there any Google tool or URL where you can submit your website for crawling and indexing?

How to Cache URL in Google?

Where to submit my website in Google? so that it is easily crawled by Google crawlers.

I discovered the Google's crawling and indexing tool. This tool is absolutely free. You may submit your website to Google for crawling and Indexing. It is the best and simplest method to index a website in Google. 

Submit your new web page here to crawl & index.

If you don't know What is Crawling & Indexing? you may read the post What Is Google Crawling & Indexing?

Other Ways of caching, Crawling & Indexing your Website

There are few other ways available to index your website

Add XML sitemap URL to Google Webmaster (Search Console)

It is the best method to crawl and index all pages of your website.
If you still didn't setup Google Webmaster for your website don't worry you have to know few steps of How to setup Google Webmaster tool? in our other post of SEO.

How to add XML sitemap to Google Search console?
1. Login your Google webmaster tool
2. Click the website for which you want to crawl
3. Select "Sitemaps" under "Crawl" at left hand sidebar. 
4. Now click "ADD/TEST SITEMAP" and add your XML sitemap URL here.

Please refer below images for better understanding:

Topic, Focus and Foreground for NPCNorth 2017

The National Association of Software and Services Companies (NASSCOM) is organizing NASSCOM Product Conclave 2017 on Tuesday, 7th Feb 2017 at India Habitat Centre, New Delhi. Nasscom Product Conclave North is an attempt to set a stage for Indian start-ups and emerging companies to access knowledge & support from the ecosystem on building markets, creating high-performance teams and address funding concerns. 

Key highlights of #NPCNorth-
  • Product Showcase and business connect programs are integral part of the agenda.
  • A good blend of keynotes to share knowledge from some of the most sought after experts
  • Provide platform for product entrepreneurs and start-ups to network
  • Sharing of knowledge by successful entrepreneurs and investors
  • Panel discussions among successful entrepreneurs to deliberate the concerns of the industry and workshops to build capacity of the emerging talent.

Whom To Listen?

NPC has a glorious history of over a decade and if you are a techie, you should attend this event. NPC 2016 held at Bangalore, witnessed 2500+ national and international delegates, interaction with 200+ speakers in over a 100+ sessions, 140+ product showcases, various connect programs, five summits for practitioners and much more excitement over three days.

Rajesh Razdan ( mCarbon Tech Innovation Pvt. Ltd, Founder & CEO )

Prasenjit Karmakar ( WebEngage, Head – Marketing )

Deepika Dutta Kapoor ( DMI Innovations, India Head CX Design Solutions )

About the event
A unique event wherein the best and brightest technology leaders, emerging companies and start-ups congregate. NPC North is an opportunity for the companies in Product ecosystem to create a buzz, showcase the brands and product excellence.

The overall objective of conducting this event is to: 
  • Highlight the Next Big Thing in India Product Story
  • Sharing of knowledge by successful entrepreneurs and investors
  • Discuss best practices;
  • Provide platform for product entrepreneurs and start-ups to network
  • Promote and market products and solutions
Serial entrepreneurs, CIOs, investors, customers, incubators and accelerators are going to deliberate, listen, participate and engage with actionable insights under one roof. NPC - North would guarantee a good blend of keynotes to share knowledge from some of the most sought after experts, panel discussions among successful entrepreneurs to deliberate the concerns of the industry and workshops to build capacity of the emerging talent. Product Showcase and business connect programs are integral part of the agenda.  

Who should attend?
  • Serial entrepreneurs, CIOs, Investors
  • CFOs/CXOs/Directors
  • Incubators and accelerators
  • Startups and SMEs
  • Brand and positioning professionals

Register Now! Limited Seating Available

How to Add Social Media Buttons in Blog

Add Social Media Icons on Blogspot

I was ever worried about social media buttons on my blog. I found many websites which are providing the same services but those are charging or were not exactly what was i looking for. I have researched a lot and found an HTML code that works perfectly on my blogspot blog. I have implemented this code one of my blogs and it is working perfectly there.

If you are searching exactly the HTML code for adding social media buttons on your blog, your search stops here. I share the exact HTML code for adding social buttons on your blog.

HTML Code for Adding Social Media icons on Blogger

Just copy the below code and paste it where you want to add social buttons in your blog.

The above code arrange your social media buttons in horizontal (in a row).

Preview of social media icons look like the below image.
While copying the above code Don't forget to replace your social profile's username :)

Remove Website Outdated Pages From Google Search

Learn How to block URLs in Google Search?

Ever worried for those pages of your website which are outdated coming in Google search. 

Want to remove outdated pages of your website from Google search, Don't worry there are few ways by you can remove your website outdated pages from Google search engine results pages.

1. Using Google tool for Removal Outdated url:

Simply put your website outdated URL in this google tool and click "REQUEST REMOVAL"

2. Block Search Indexing with Meta Tags

You can also de-indexed your website outdated pages by adding a meta tag just before the closing head tag.

3. Using Robots.txt

This is the second method for removing outdated URL from Google search. You have to update your robots.txt by adding the below  queries. For example i want to remove my website's "cgi-bin", "temp" and "junk" pages from Google search. Now i use the following code in my robots.txt file.

User-agent: *

Disallow: /cgi-bin/
Disallow: /tmp/
Disallow: /admin-login/

If you want to remove whole website from Google search just add

User-agent: *
Disallow: /

If you still not uploaded Robots.txt file on your website, don't worry just follow the below steps

You may find more information from Google here:

How to create Robots.txt file?

open a notepad
Write this code
User-agent: *

Now save your notepad as named "robots.txt". The file must be save in .txt format. Now upload this file on root of your website.